10 seeds/pack Nymphaea lotus seed lotus bowl seeds potted bowl flower pots planters flowers home garden melissa

10 seeds/pack Nymphaea lotus seed lotus bowl seeds potted bowl flower pots planters flowers home garden melissa

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Flower planting process diagrams

First, the sowing time : lotus no dormancy period , as long as the waterTemperature can be maintained at16Above , four areCan be sown . Lotus in temperature, light of a suitableUnder parts, from sowing to flowering spring needs50-60Days of autumnNeed60-80Days.
Two, Seed treatment : lotus dense hard shell must break before artificial Soaking, LotusThere \’s a small protrusion tip, the other end has a small pit . One end of the small pits that are roughCementGround frayed or broken with pliers sub- folder a small mouth , careful not to pinch the embryo , but alsoDo not shelled .
Third,Soaking germination : Summer water temperatures20-30Very suitable lotus hairBuds, depending on how much seed bowl or basin filled with water to dipBubble live seed for the degree. Placed in the room,Changing the water twice a day ,1Weeks can germinate. After sprouting on the sunny placeStrengthening light,Water is not available .2After weeks of fine root and grow2~3Young small lotus leaf pieces , to be as much like leaves , rootsDepartment of form can offload .
Fourth, transplanting shoots : Select caliber18cm~30cmNo BottomCeramic flower pots or plasticBasin , basin plus Banpen garden soil or mud without chemical contamination of rivers and ponds in advanceTwo weeks soaking in the water , do not fertilize .The fine roots when transplanting seedlings by Lotus into the mud, potPlanted strain , after transplanting the amount of water added to the water does not drown smallLotus degrees.
Fifth, winterManagement: transplanting2~3Weeks later, upon entering the growth period , if the yellowing leavesCan topdressingSmall amounts of nitrogen , phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer , dilute manure handling facilities . Lotus thermophilic, hi light, shade intolerantDark. When the outside temperature is below16When growth is slow, the sun should be moved to the greenhouse .

NextI will explain face planted lotusIt !

First of all: the seeds at both endsResolution .
LotusSeed coat is very thick , in order to more successful germination requiredTo make a simple process . First, please tell Bowl lotus seedsEnds , one end there is a smallConvex , concave end is a small point , to deal with is that the end of the pit

Then step a little difficult.
There are many partiesFormula pits handle end , a conventionalMethods usually are:
1In the concrete floor grindingOff testa ;
2With vise clamp broken ;
3By FengLee \’s knife cut a small piece ofTesta .
You can also first in the recess with an awl drill a small hole in the water for some time bubbleBetween usingScissors cut a little faster testa !

Be careful not to drill too deep , do not drill into the insideJen !
Choice is to use a small sharp knife , you can use a utility knife . Probably cut1mm ~ 2mm.
PrecautionsAs follows :
1Particularly careful hand , do not injure yourself;
2, Testa hard, and slowly cut , the first few pointsYou can cut less familiar afterKnife completed ;
3Do not hurt the inside of benevolence .

The figure is a good dealSeeds.

Taking a dip in the water , slowly waitingIt…….

Dish with a small box or container or whatever theGood seed taking a dip in water treatment .
NotePrecautions :
1If the temperature is low, you canMug ,30Degree warm water.20Degrees above the temperature on the indoorOutside the bubble can be.
2, Changing the water twice a day , I usually changed every morning and evening ;
3WaterTo floodedOver seed depth on it ;
4, High temperatures , sprouting fast. General20Degrees or more,3Days to a weekGermination .

The figure is soak the seeds in a box .

Five daysThe ! Sure enough, the little bud seeds sent

Continue a little bit difficult atReason

To make better hair bud again in the seed coat circumcisionOff circle.
Some explanations :
1Why not to start cutting it? My personalFeeling is that most start cutting big one , seems to sendBud bad ; another time very testaHard , not cut .
2Some growers cut in half, I generally do notExceed1/ 3.
3Why not cut more and more , or simply remove all the skin it ?I do not knowRoad ,Have not tried , I feel it is not necessary . Students who are interested can try.

The picture is already processedGood seed .

Handle down testa

Although the seed coat has a very soft, yet when we cutIs to be careful, from the map view,In fact, the skin is very thin .

Within a day, this is the morning

Within a day, it is the afternoon

Fourteenth day,First leafZhang long!The second piece is also sub- sheets it began!

AMonths,Zhang began floating leaves it!

Pot planted a lot of pieces , later to be sub- basin oh!ALike diameter25Kind of like a centimeter potsLa!Fighting each other too much, then the sun it!

Enjoy adult lotus bowl!What kind of bowl lotus morphological characteristics ?How cultivation ?

Bowl lotus , also known as the bowl lotus, lotus pots , bowls, lotus is planted in a bowlOfLotus, designed for indoor and a few tables over Chen to beautify the living environment.
If the bowl Pei LinKeep well, kind of straightDrive only5Flowers centimeters , petite , extraordinary grace . AgainBe trimmed in its leafy , makingDensity and white , patchwork, and then put in a bowlCloth hill, boat , bridges, and other types of poultry pieces , can reallyConstitutes a fascinating mood, Very refined taste .
Cultivate lotus bowl , cultivation containers not too small, containerNot too smallEasy flowering. Bowls caliber household generally only15Cm, too small diameter preferably25Cm ,Height of about20Cm of small round cylinder . Fertile soil cultivation choose the most ideal Ponds mud .After floating leaves grow , and then slightlyMicro- heightening level , to Fourier grow , along with the petiole elongationAnd gradually fill the tank of water, after adding a daily basisSome water . During bowl lotus growing , without furtherFertilization. Excessive fertilization will become fertilizer damage .
Lotus bowl delicate , vulnerableFrost damage. Winter should beCylinder Bowl moved indoors sunny place , add a small amount of water per week . Qingming until the following year when repotting, TakeThe kinds of lotus root, re- planting .

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