Bosch Power Tools – PB360 Power Box™ Product Video

by webmasterJanuary 4, 20170 comments

Nothing else on the jobsite looks like it. Nothing else on the jobsite works like it. Nothing else on the jobsite plays like it. Nothing else on the jobsite rocks like it. Introducing the all-new Power Box™ 360, from Bosch. It’s not just a jobsite radio, it’s a hear everywhere, play everything, charge anything, use anywhere, 360-degree box of envy – Designed to withstand the toughest jobsites — engineered to improve every aspect of your workday.

4-Way Speakers, Subwoofer, Moisture & Dust-Resistant (IP rating of 54), Aluminum & Rubber Roll Cage, Advanced Digital Tuning, 20 FM / 10 AM Presets, 5 Preset Equalizer Settings, Separate Bass & Treble Controls, Digital Media Bay
– Plays MP3 Players
– Plays Portable CD Players
– Plays SD Memory Cards
– Plays USB Thumb Drive Storage Devices
Aux 1 IN Port, Aux 2 IN Port, Line OUT Port, Battery / Charger Bay, Powered USB Port, 4-Way Power Outlets,
12V DC Adapter
– Charges Cell Phones

AM/FM Presets: 10 AM/20 FM
Antenna: Pivot
Battery: Lithium-Ion Battery
Battery: BAT607 – 14.4V SlimPack
Battery: BAT609 – 18V SlimPack
Battery: BAT614 – 14.4V FatPack
Battery: BAT618 – 18V FatPack
Charger: 14.4V – 18V Bosch Batteries (BAT607, BAT609, BAT614, BAT618)
Cord Length: 6 ft.
Unit Size: 14.5″ x 14″ x 13.5″
Voltage: 120V AC, 12V DC, 14.4V – 18V Bosch batteries
Watts: 26 W
Weight (lbs.): 25

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This video is property of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, LLC

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