Auto Leveling 3d printer The 8th Generation P802 Reprap Prusa i3 3d-printer DIY Kit 2 Roll Filament 8GB SD Card

by Doug Gorden JrMarch 29, 20160 comments


2016 new Upgrade Auto Leveling 3d printer DIY Kit

The 8th Generation Reprap Prusa i3 made by Zonestar

Model: P802NA

GIFT: 2 Rolls Filament + 8GB Micor SD Card + USB Card Reader + Assemble Tools + Filament Feeder


1.Parts and components for DIY, need assemble by yourself ! You will be surprised ,it is a interesting thing !!!

2. The proximity sensor has included the package, and we provide firmware and upgrade guide to you. You can upgrade auto leveling feature by yourself, you will enjoy the process, that’s so cool!


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